hōki Classic

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hōki Classic
Fine-Woven Chain
hōki Classichōki Classic
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Fine-Woven ChainFine-Woven Chain
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affected by anxiety love hōki:

Jessy, verified review

With the hōki it's actually the case that you don't even have a panic attack!

John, verified review

Nothing has helped me so much before and thanks to the hoki I have my quality of life back.

A.I., verified review

He manages to "bring me down" when I start to have a panic attack.

Christopher, verified review

I never thought that such a small piece of jewelry could give me so much more joy in life.

Sonja, verified review

My panic attacks are no longer as intense or frequent

Easy to use


Breathe in


Breathe out through the hōki


Repeat at least 3 times


Breathe in


Breathe out through the hōki


Repeat at least 3 times


Vagus nerve stimulation:

The special resistance slows exhalation, which activates the vagus nerve. →

The vagus nerve immediately releases acetylcholine. Think of it like a natural sedative. →

Acetylcholine distributes throughout the body in a few seconds and symptoms are greatly relieved.

2 years of development

With a psychotherapist and experience from over 11.000 affected:

- Can be used anywhere

- Subtle

- Fits in every pocket

Breathe out correctly automatically:

Special length and diameter lead to correct exhalation.

Does the hōki help with your symptom?


Dr. Melanie Thoma

"You breathe automatically and don't have to concentrate on complicated breathing exercises with counting seconds in an anxious situation."


M.Sc. Svenja Schlotterbeck

"The Hoki is a simple and very elegant tool for quickly and effectively relaxing in stressful situations or during anxiety/panic attacks."


Dustin Kunz

"No matter whether it's a plane, bus, train, or in other public places. I myself am a coach for people who suffer from panic attacks, and I consistently recommend the Hōki!"

Medical standards

The same 316F stainless steel used to make surgical tools:

Compatible with skin and body

Antibacterial surface

Durable, rustproof & waterproof

Try it risk-free:

60-day money-back guarantee

Fair & environmentally conscious

We don't make cheap products

A cheap price is tempting.

But is it really worth the exploitation of workers and the environment?

Fair working conditions

Recycled materials, without loss of quality

100% recyclable materials

Our partners recycle all packaging

Questions? Answers.

Can't find your question? Then you'll definitely find them here.

We can be reached Monday - Friday via hello@tryhoki.com.
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